Tuesday, June 18, 2002

wine labels

"i've always been a sucker for picking wine by its label and to be honest i'm still not convinced that there's a better way to pick between bottles of much the same price from a supermarket. this site of unusual wine labels that explains the stories behind many of the more unusual names is a treat. i have difficulty believing that marilyn monroe's estate allowed"marilyn merlot" to be bottled though. my favourite wine label that i've seen recently is pictured here.>>"

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German wine-makers launch advertising campaign

"German wine-makers have launched an advertising campaign in the UK in a bid to shake off their products' 1970s image."

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Wine Of The Week: La Doriane 2000


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Winery Spotlight -- Marchesi di Barolo

"Wine Skinny.com's winery spotlight shines on the historic Marchesi di Barolo. Dedicated to upholding the tradition set by its founders in the early 1800s and inspired by the conviction that "the wine contributes to the humanity of the entire world.""

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South Africa: Search for outstanding young wines

"Time is running out for winemakers to enter the pick of their 2002 vintage for this year's SA Young Wine Show. Entries close on Thursday 4 July in the eight regions - Stellenbosch, Paarl, Robertson, Klein Karoo, Olifants River, Oranje-Vaal, Worcester and Swartland."

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The Three Graces of Napa

"With dinner companions such as Ann Colgin, Naoko Dalla Valle and Delia Viader, you can hardly fault the restaurant for not stocking their wines. The consumer demand for these winemakers‚ bottlings is so fierce that the wines sell out as soon as they are released."

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California winery Joseph Phelps takes on Sonoma environmenta

"California winery Joseph Phelps is gearing up for a fight with a group of radical hippy survivors from 1960s San Francisco."

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Survey: Enter the Great Cork Debate

"Corkmasters invite TiZwine members to take a couple of minutes to answer 10 questions to gauge your views and opinions on the Real Cork debate."

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Fine wines in funky places: Wineries sprout in cities

"A new crop of urban winemakers is proving you don't need to live in the country to make great wine. Heck, you don't even need a back yard."

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Oregon: WillaKenzie Estate To Bottle with Stelvin Screwcaps

"WillaKenzie Estate, a premier, gravity-fed winery located near Yamhill, Oregon, will bottle 15 percent of every cuvée of its 2001 production with twist top caps."

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